About Us

No matter what their circumstances, every person deserves to feel safe, supported and heard. When we talk about individuals affected by domestic violence or sexual assault, we’re talking about every one of us. Whether it’s you, a loved one, a co-worker or a friend, someone you know needs help. DVSAS is here to help. 

Our Mission

The mission of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services is to support individuals affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual exploitation and to lead the community towards ending these abuses of power.

DVSAS’s values are central to realizing our mission and vision. These values are practiced both internally and externally, at every level including the individual, community, and institutional.

We value:

  • Equity, justice, and anti-oppression practices
  • Understanding people and communities holistically and contextually
  • Trauma-informed and healing-centered practices
  • Learning, self-reflection, and transparency
  • Well-being, self-determination, and safety

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