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The mission of Teens Against Abuse is to prevent and reduce instances of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing inclusive education, outreach, and advocacy for the teens of Whatcom County, by the teens of Whatcom County.

2020 Teen Advocacy Video

Teens Against Abuse strives to provide the teens of Whatcom county with accurate knowledge about domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as healthy relationships and consent. Did you know that 1 in 3 young people experience abuse in their relationships before they turn 18? And of those who experience abuse, only a third of victims ever tell anyone about it. This is largely because they may not be able to identify what is happening in their relationship as abuse. We know that by confronting the myths and misinformation around these issues, and by promoting information about healthy relationships and consent, we create a community that is better equipped to end abuse. In addition to education, we hope to raise awareness of the prevalence of abuse, and teach our peers how to support survivors. We aim to educate ourselves so that we may best support and advocate for our peers. This club is not intended to be a support group, but to teach participants how to support their peers. Teens Against Abuse meets on Tuesdays from 5-6 and will be taking place on zoom. Some work outside of the zoom meetings may be required, and will require both team and individual effort. For more information, feel free to reach out to any of our peer educators, or feel free to reach out to Shoshana Bass, Prevention Education Specialist with Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services, at

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To become a peer advocate or educator, please fill out our application. A peer advocate will reach out to you to schedule an interview and discuss next steps. 


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Advocates and peer advocates are available to work with anyone who has experience dating violence, sexual assault, family violence, or anyone who has questions about healthy/unhealthy relationships or sexuality. Advocates are available for both one time meetings, as well as ongoing support. If you are interested in talking to an advocate, please fill out the following form.