DVSAS Strategic Plan 2024-2028


Commitments to One Another: In working to realize our goals, we:

        • Value staff as our greatest resource
        • Center Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
        • Choose quality over quantity
        • Value kindness over expedience
        • Celebrate successes and learnings
        • Repair with one another when we cause harm
        • Approach internal and external projects and opportunities through the lens of collaboration for greater impact
        • Value transparency, participation and information sharing in support of our organization and client services


Five-year vision: Nurture and grow our giving community so we can keep funding DVSAS services for years to come

        • Successful, engaging events that continue to grow supporters & community awareness
        • Build our base of committed consistent sponsors
        • Build up major funder development, grantors, and bequests and build stronger relationships with all funders
        • Strategic communication for funders and community: social media, website, emails etc.



Five-year vision: Offer robust, equitable, evidence-based programs that serve our clients across Whatcom County

        • Program growth that meets the needs of our community and is in-line with our mission and values.
        • Consistent evaluation of our ongoing programs
        • Increase our presence in rural service areas
        • Develop a fee structure for training and consulting that can be offered in our community



Five-year vision: Cultivate diverse employees and board members who love being here and are supported and developed to sustain themselves in this work

        • DVSAS is an employer of choice who hires, retains, and supports a diverse organization
          • Improve compensation for employees
          • Provide professional development and a learning culture
          • Focus on employee health and well-being
          • Enhance relationships with one another across programs, physical locations, and organizational roles
          • Maintain a budget for staff appreciation, connection, and fun
        • Accountability at all levels to the mission and values of the agency
        • Engaged, knowledgeable, and a diverse board that understand their role and responsibilities



Five-year vision: A transparent, informed financial plan that ensures the long-term viability of our organization and its employees

        • Articulate a strategy for contributions to and differentiation of the endowment and rainy-day fund
        • Determine the long-term fiscal strategies that will allow us to:
          • Fund non-grant covered staff roles
          • Ensure the financial health of our staff
          • Ensure the longevity of the organization
        • Establish a dashboard with metrics to track our progress
        • Research and determine feasibility of 32–35-hour workweek towards reducing vicarious trauma



Five-year vision: A consistent volunteer program that brings value to our clients and develops relevant skills in a diverse group of volunteers

        • Fund a Volunteer Coordinator/Community Outreach staff who will oversee year-round tabling and recruit, train, and support a growing volunteer base
        • Continue to be a nurturing place for people in public service, developing volunteers who:
          • Are knowledgeable, versatile, and committed
          • Have a quality rewarding experience at DVSAS that leaves them feeling valued and in community with us



Five-year vision: Maintaining security, ensuring accessibility, and prioritizing safety in all of our buildings and operating systems

        • Analyze rental revenue vs capital costs annually, in order to monitor the viability and sustainability of renting versus owning the Douglas building.
        • Create a timeline and budget for strategic prioritization that allows us to:
          • Be proactive, not reactive
          • Continue creating safe, healing environments for our clients
          • Continue to be an organization that ensures fair and equitable practices with tenants at the Douglas building

To download the plan, click here: DVSAS Strategic Plan 2024-2028.