Prevention Education Online

The Digital Empowerment Project for High Schoolers was designed to be done by students at their own pace, without teacher instruction. The Digital EP consists of 4 parts- 2 instructional videos (18 minutes and 10 minutes) and two engaging activities, designed to solidify the information provided in the videos. There are also supplemental handouts, discussion questions for teachers, and an optional discussion guide for parents. Please contact Shoshana Bass, Prevention Education Specialist, at, if you intend to use the Digital Empowerment Project.

Part 1: Health vs. Unhealthy Relationships, and Consent

This 20 minute video outlines the difference between healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships. The first portion of the video identifies 5 types of abuse, signs of an unhealthy relationship and tools to have healthier relationships. The second half of the video discusses the importance of consent, and how to tell if an interaction is consensual. The video emphasizes that the viewer deserves safety and respect, and provides resources for those who have experienced abuse.

Video - 20 min

Part 2: "In Their Shoes"

Created by the Washington Coalition Against Domestic Violence, In Their Shoes is a choose your own adventure style activity that takes participants on a journey through Teen Dating Violence. Based on true stories, this activity is designed to help participants identify abusive behaviors in real life, and to promote empathy for individuals who have experienced abuse.

Interactive Activity - 30 min

Part 3: Bystander Intervention

All too often, people turn a blind eye to abuse. This video emphasizes the importance of calling out abuse when someone witnesses it, and provides some realistic strategies to intervene. Creating an environment where violence is unacceptable is an essential step to ending abuse.

Video - 4 min

Part 4: What Would You Do? 

This choose your own adventure style activity is designed to solidify the participant’s knowledge of Bystander Intervention. The activity encourages participants to intervene in a safe and accessible way when abuse is occurring, by allowing them to see what happens when no one intervenes.

Interactive Activity - 30 min